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2 months of summer to go to  meeting yourpersonal resources

June 27, 2022

Opening meditation: 10 min 7 sec

Meditation: healing beliefs and meeting my intuition: 28 min 38 sec
July 7, 2022

What is an emotion? 1/2
Healing meditation: 2 min 13 sec

Meditation welcoming emotions: 59 min 43 sec

Youtube link "the bean":
July 17, 2022

What is an emotion? 2/2
Healing meditation "Unconditional love": 51 min 50 sec
July 27, 2022

The law of contraction/expansion
Healing meditation:
00:00 / 21:12
August 7, 2022

universal laws
Healing meditation "I observe myself": 57 min 33 sec
August 17, 2022

Welcome change
Healing meditation "welcoming the emotions:
00:00 / 18:35
Heroine of efficiency!

- In the 1st box put everything everything you need to do (yes yes absolutely EVERYTHING).
- In the box on the right, go back to your list then select only what you ABSOLUTELY need to do today and write it down here (you will see that the list gets shorter as if by magic!).
- In the box at the bottom left, take from the 1st box what you can do tomorrow.
- And finally in the last box, you can enter what can be done later or what is completely beyond your control (like an email for which you are waiting for an answer).
August 27, 2022

What lies behind certain emotions
Healing meditation "I welcome and I free myself": 29 min 50 sec
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