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Mini package

Achieve your highest potential.

When speed of light is no longer an option but part of you.

This mini-package is designed to take you exactly where you want at the speed that is yours.

"Unlock" your creative potential


20 1:1 sessions (60 min) over 12 months for you & your business.

In a world where everything around us is slow, dense, sometimes heavy, your brilliance is your most precious resource.

Dive with me into this world that will make you discover that the faster it goes, the more comfortable you are. Stress, anxiety, frustration are very often there because we do not evolve at our own pace in a society that thinks of itself as very limited in its possibilities.

At Hydrogène you come to "unlock" your creative potential by FINALLY daring to move forward at your own pace.

Everything, absolutely everything, becomes possible.

If you like when it goes fast and it just vibrates, this is for you!


Absolutely everything becomes possible

1: Are you ready to go beyond the limits of your Spirit?


2: Are you ready to take concrete changes in your life quickly?


3: Are you ready to commit to yourself without a doubt 100%?

4: Are you ready to bring money into your life in a big way to realize your wildest dreams and embrace your "Sacred Calling" without having to exhaust yourself?


Yes to adventure

To unlock your manifestation potency, 

choose what you want to create and this mini package is here to allow yourself to embody it.

A program that takes your breath away for your next level of consciousness.

Here is what the adventure contains:
- 5 sessions in 1:1 over 4 months (value: 1665.-)

If you have any questions about the program, contact me at

Your investment should be of 1'665.-

I'm offering it to you ONLY for 1'497.- CHF

Full payment or generous payment plan

of 480.- x 4 monthly installments

If you have any questions about the program, please contact me at

Full payment 1497.-
4 x 380.-
Once your payment has been made, I will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your first session.
If you have any questions about this program before you say yes, please use the contact form to ask me.


Catherine Respen



©2023 Catherine Respen

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