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Free your body of its traumas and memories and rediscover the joy of inhabiting it to enjoy all the abundance at your disposal. Manifesting your Soul's desires becomes fluid and easy.

Give it the chance to become your temple and a crystalline channel for the expression of the gifts & talents with which your Soul came.

 Discover a new universe in which you live your life through the unique and pure filter of your Soul.


You rediscover your natural state: Lightness.


Your body belongs to you. Period. It doesn't have to carry the conditioning of your family and society, nor does it have to carry implants that are there to cut you off from your sovereignty, and even less does it have to carry memories that don't serve your highest degree of fulfillment.


It's high time to turn it into a true temple so you can live your Soul's highest purpose.


"Souveraine" is designed to help you regain your physical sovereignty, so you can see and experience life through the pure filter of your Soul. No more distortions or reactions, thoughts and emotions that don't belong to you. You regain the extraordinary freedom of living in YOUR temple. Your Soul's highest purpose can now reveal itself to you. Your gifts and talents are multiplied tenfold. Your projects become clear and limpid, and you no longer hesitate for a single second to take action to realize them.


6 months to regain your physical sovereignty and embody your Soul's highest goal.


Here's what you'll create for yourself during these 6 months:

- Conscious connection to your Soul's highest purpose in order to live the contribution you wish to make in this incarnation.

- Mental and emotional clarity for aligned and timely decisions.

- Your daily energy increases tenfold.

- Your gifts & talents much clearer, more precise and powerful.

- Experience life through the pure filters of your Soul, an elixir of unconditional Love.

- Deep, lasting emotional stability.

- Be YOU with no excuses! Your ideas of greatness and your gifts, which some would say "bizarre", are part of you, and embracing them fills you with a new joy. You can create a new world filled with light simply by being you.



This totally divine program includes:

- 6 1:1 (45 min) videoconference sessions of memory and implant release work.  (Value: 2997.-)

- 6 1:1 sessions (60 min) in your Akashic memories to make your body your TEMPLE and allow your gifts & talents to gain clarity by being aligned with your Soul's highest purpose. (Value: 2997.-)

- Weekly Voxer access to help you navigate the profound changes you're experiencing (Value: 1997.-)



- 1 deep reset of your nervous system (pre-recorded) (Value 247.-)
- 2 group sessions (30 min) of Akahsic Ascension code activation to enable your body to significantly raise its vibration. (Value: 497.-)


Total value: 8750.- CHF


Your investment is only 7497.- CHF 


Full payment or generous payment plan

1247 x 6 monthly payments.


I was honoured to receive a healing from Catherine. She was able to energetically resolve and heal my physical body by using holographic energetic healing. She was able to use her knowledge of the skeletal system and release and resolve energy that was trapped by feeling into what was trapped within my body. The result was the releasing of pain and I felt energized and uplifted. Thank you Catherine, for this unique experience of healing and transformation!

Mandy Morris, Akashic consultant, UK

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