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Terms and Conditions Divine Expansion

Times for 1:1 sessions:

Between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. Swiss time (UTC +2)


10'797.- CHF


When the conditions have been accepted by the customer, payment is made by a payment link web page or by ebanking. At the client's choice.

- 1 payment of 10,797.- or

- 12 payments of 897.-

Terms of cancelation:

No reimbursement is offered to the client given the nature of the consulting program, unless the consultant (Catherine Respen) is at the initiative of the termination, or if the two parties decide by mutual agreement that the collaboration can no longer continue.


The client understands that the consulting relationship ends at the end of thelast session. At the end of this meeting, if the parties decide to continue their work together, a new agreement will be considered.


The cancellation period for a session is at least 48 hours (working days) (except in cases of force majeure) by email

In all other cases, the meeting will not be postponed.

For sessions, if the client is between 0 and 10 minutes late on the scheduled time, the session is maintained but shortened accordingly.

If the delay exceeds 10 minutes, the session is canceled and not postponed.

In order to validate your registration, please fill in the information below and check the terms and conditions box.

Thank you for your registration.

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