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Consulting & energetic optimization to help you unlock your potential and the one of your business, and turn your dreams into reality.

When speed of light is no longer an option, but part of yourself.

In a world where everything is slow, dense and often complicated, come and meet a universe of speed of light transformations to help you realize your wildest dreams.

Everything moves very fast inside you.

You know that there's much more to life than what you've been taught.

You love ease and fluidity.

Excellence is a part of you, as are high standards.

You always choose Simplicity and Efficiency.

Today, you want revolutionary tools to enable you to move forward very quickly and answer this inner call to much greater things.

Welcome to Hydrogène Consulting.

 A container of dazzling transformations to empower your gift of manifestation to create your dream life. 

Here, everything is possible and accessible in a fluid, natural way.

1:1 session

60 minutes of lightning evolution to take you exactly where you want to go.

Clarity 2024

3 x 60 min to get crystal clear on your next step and how to get there.

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Andrea, Seattle, US

Thank you!!! "In one brief session, Catherine instantly illuminated the step I need to take to get perfect clarity, gave me a valuable technique to use in my own work, and restored some disconnect and protective mechanisms in my body to their optimal state, all from across the globe!"


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Nathalie, Florianopolis, Brésil

3 golden meetings. Each meeting is an opportunity to extricate oneself from the meanders of the mind and rediscover one's axis of light. In just a few minutes of conversation, Catherine pinpoints the point that needs to be unblocked. It's very concrete! Like a precision surgeon, she eliminates the blockages, which in my case are linked to old limiting memories, and right away you can feel the effects! I've rediscovered some well-buried nuggets, and it's given me a real boost to move forward!

A package that lives up to its name: Clarté ☀️

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Jia, Toronto, Canada

Catherine is a delight to work with! She is powerful yet gentle way of delivering transmissions from the records that reveal all shadows. She is clear and accurate with all information. I feel transformed after each session. Every question asked Catherine’s takes her time to unfold each layer to truly reveal the root cause. I highly recommend Akashic reading with Catherine.

Jia, Toronto, Canada

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