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Many souls are suffering (sometimes unknowingly) in their physical bodies. This diminishes your potential for manifestation, because the prerequisite for manifesting your wildest dreams is the energy of joy and love. 

Before incarnating, the Soul evolves in a world of energy and vibration that is far, far removed from matter. Much lighter and more luminous. When the Soul is incarnated on earth, the shock of finding itself in a body of matter can sometimes be so great that we spend our lives living in a state of post-traumatic stress without even realizing it. 

How does post-traumatic stress manifest itself? Here are several possible symptoms.

- Constant vigilance, always imagining the worst. 

- Anxiety, sometimes chronic.

- Relatively high levels of stress for no reason.

- Inability to love one's physical body.

- A desire to "go home", but without knowing exactly where.

- Not feeling at ease among humans.

- Difficulty knowing what really gives you pleasure.

It's time to allow yourself to live this incarnation in Joy & Confidence.

"Incarnation" has been designed to do just that. 1 session of 45 minutes to enable your body to release all its incarnation traumas (present and past) and rediscover the freedom to welcome and love it unconditionally, allowing you to manifest your desires with fluidity, speed and ease.

This program includes:

- 1 x 45 minutes 1:1 session  on releasing incarnational traumas.


Your Investment: 333.-CHF

Once your payment has been made, I will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your session.
If you have any questions about this program before you say yes, please use the contact form to ask me.
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