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I'm Catherine Respen, Akashic Consultant & founder of Hydrogène Consulting. I address myself to people who have high standards, love excellence and are ready to honor the call of their Soul. I take them on a radical paradigm shift in their vision of life, helping them discover a Universe of Infinite Possibilities in which everything is now easily and fluidly accessible.

How I do this? By acting on their vibration and lightening all the conditioning and beliefs they still carry and which no longer serve them. It's immediate, and the concrete results are there after only the 1st session. They carve out a tailor-made life for themselves, activate their gifts and rediscover their inner peace, all of which are essential to a delicious and luminous life.


I work exclusively with high-level tools to bring you the very best.

As an Akashic Record Consultant, Healer and an insider to the dazzling particles of Tachyon, Aether and Plasma, I evolve in a world of energy and feeling.

I've been living this speed of light from the inside since I took my first breath. I always knew I was made for ease and fluidity, but the world conditioned me to believe that everything had to be slow and mostly difficult. Far from admitting defeat, I rolled up my sleeves and rediscovered countless resources and gifts within myself to once again enjoy lightning speed, simplicity and fluidity. Overnight, miracles became part of my daily life again. This is what I'm sharing with you today, so that you too can build a life that lives up to the greatness you feel deep inside. Everything becomes simple, fluid and super efficient.

It's time to shine!

Much more than a brand, Hydrogène Consulting is a container for dazzling transformations and immediate results.I live in Switzerland and am passionate about nature and animals. When I'm not helping my customers revolutionize their world, I love to spend hours every day on walks with my dog. Nature is my most precious resource. Spirituality and matter are one and the same in my world, and with my connections to the world of the invisible, I love to keep both feet firmly on the ground, enjoying everything this dimension has to share with me on a daily basis in a very simple way. I'm THE biggest fan of conscious manifestation. If you're passing through Gruyère, you're bound to come across me on a terrace sharing an aperitif in good company, preparing tasty dishes for my guests, enjoying a steaming cup of coffee in the sun just for the pleasure of doing so, or taking time out with my family, who fill me with joy and life and give me the opportunity to savour all this Love with a capital A on a daily basis.

Hydrogène Consulting is bilingual French-English.

1:1 session

60 minutes of lightning evolution to take you exactly where you want to go.

Clarity 2024

3 x 60 min to get crystal clear on your next step and how to get there.

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