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Clarity 2024

The answer to your questions about who you are and what really makes your Soul feel alive.

Absolute clarity for 2024, 3 sessions package.

What could be more disappointing and frustrating than living your life without knowing where you're going? 2023 has transformed your world, but you're struggling to know how, and the next step is unclear. You feel all this power inside you, but you don't know how to express it or use it.

Become totally "Crystal Clear" on the next step that lies ahead to make 2024 the year of all achievements and successes.

This lack of clarity about what we're called to do and what's inside us drains a lot of our energy. Our day-to-day lives become weighed down, and emotional and mental fatigue become an integral part of our day. Your whole organism is in fact on "under-regime". Add to this the fact that you're constantly adapting to the world around you, and you've got the perfect cocktail for losing access to who you really are.

By accessing this clarity, you allow the flow of abundance to start up again and continue 2024 in the fluidity, lightness & ease that you know is right for you.

I'm delighted to be able to offer you

- Clarity 2024 -

to answer the question you've been asking yourself for some time:

Now what?


The pack includes 3 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions in your Akashic Records.

(Value 997.- CHF)

Payment in full or generous payment plan of 333.- x 3 monthly installments.

If you know it's for you, let the adventure begin now to benefit from the energies of dazzling transformation that are already available to you.

Full payment
Payment in 3x
Once your payment has been made, I will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your 1st session.
If you have any questions about this program before you say yes, use the contact form and we'll take a moment together to clarify anything that needs clarifying.

3 golden meetings.

Each meeting is an opportunity to extricate oneself from the meanders of the mind and rediscover one's axis of light. In just a few minutes of conversation, Catherine picks up on the point that needs to be unblocked. It's very concrete! Like a precision surgeon, she eliminates the blockages, which in my case are linked to old limiting memories, and right away you can feel the effects! I've rediscovered some well-buried nuggets and it's given me a real boost to move forward!
A package that lives up to its name: Clarity ☀️
Nathalie, Florianopolis, Brazil

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