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Impact 6.0

Achieve your highest potential.

When speed of light is no longer an option but part of you.

Impact has been designed to:

- Decondition your world in a way that allows you to rethink your whole life according to what's really right for you.

- Increase your capacity to receive as much abundance and money as you wish.

- Activate and develop your gifts.

- Discover & embrace your Sacred Calling to contribute and finally make sense of all the power you feel within.

- Express your wildest desires with fluidity and ease.


You've chosen to transform your world and/or that of your business into a totally optimized version of yourself.


You've chosen to transform your world and/or the world of your business into a totally optimized version.

(At the speed of light, without exausting yourself, with ease and fluidity.)

Tout est énergie, fréquence et vibration.
Le monde de l'immobilier n'y fait pas exception.

Absolutely everything becomes possible

1: Are you ready to go beyond the limits of your Spirit?


2: Are you ready to take concrete changes in your life quickly?


3: Are you ready to commit to yourself without a doubt 100%?

4: Are you ready to bring money into your life in a big way to realize your wildest dreams and embrace your "Sacred Calling" without having to exhaust yourself?


Yes to adventure

Unlock your manifestation potency, 

You're propelled into a world of dazzling manifestation. Impact 6.0 takes you exactly where you want to go. Rediscover the true FREEDOM of creating your own life.

Here is what the adventure contains:

- 10 sessions of 60 min in 1:1 over 6 months (3000.-)

- 1 Advanced Healing Technique training course (750.-)

- 1 follow-up session in 1:1 (300.-)

Et si bosser avec moi est déjà une évidence, utilise le bouton ci-dessous pour fixer un rdv qui me permettra de te proposer un devis sur mesure pour exploser en un temps record la vente de ta maison/projet.


Catherine Respen



©2023 Catherine Respen

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