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To enter a world of lightning transformations, you need to be very clear about what your emotions are and how to use them.

They are a hyper-powerful resource for manifestation, as long as they are mastered.

E-motion takes you into a world of excellence to make them a precise and effective tool for manifesting your desires and regaining your inner peace.

Voici deux cadeaux de grande valeur afin de t'accompagner à transformer ta vie pour le meilleur à vitesse grand V.

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🎁 (Valeur 247.-)

In the course of our experiences and traumas, our emotional energy centers, which are supposed to be fluid and powerful for processing our emotions, become clogged up and end up no longer doing their job. We find ourselves "short-circuited" under heavy emotional baggage that no longer belongs there. With this treatment, regain lightness and fluidity in your daily life and allow miracles to find their way back to you.

You want to make the right decisions in your life in a fluid and confident way, the kind that will enable you to realize all that greatness of Soul that you feel deep down inside. That's what this masterclass is all about. Discover how to refine your feelings to make them an unparalleled resource in the choices you have to make. Fluency and ease are the order of the day.

+ Healing activation

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🎁 (Valeur 497.-)

Création Consciente.png

The power of manifestation within you is now ready to be used to its full potential. Become an expert in the art of manifesting your desires.


Learn how to make your finances grow without having to do a thing...or almost.

Reconnexion à l'infini.png

What if it's all too good to be true? It's a limiting belief that so many people still hold, despite all the spiritual ground they've already covered, and it's the only thing keeping your dreams from coming true. In this treatment, free yourself for good from this powerful doubt that runs as a default background program, so that you can leap with both feet into a universe of infinite possibilities that are fluid, lightning-fast and easy. There's no turning back after this. This activation transforms your world.

Magical Wisdom.png

To go MUCH further in the mastery of Healing.

+ Energetic cleansing of living spaces

TMA puissance intention EN.png

An activation of unparalleled power, allowing you to multiply the power of your intention tenfold.

Be careful, it'll mess up your hair.

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